Traveln Can you guess where I'm headed for my 50th country?

Published on November 26th, 2017


Where Should I Go for My 50th Country?

The truth is, I actually think that “counting countries” is a bit silly.  But suffice I’ve recently realized that I’m presently hovering at 49 and thus…

Now I’m wondering where I might go to mark my 50th.

What with Machu Picchu out of the way (yes, yes – I KNOW – trust I’ll be pecking a post or two on my entire adventure in Peru last month, soonish) at first I was a little stymied as to just what country is worthy of the 5-0 milestone.   I mean – on one hand 50 countries is but a mere drop-in-the-bucket, only a scant 25% of the globe (sadly, there’s still 75% I’ve yet to see).

But still…

Where to go? Where to go??I’ve lately been seriously considering a run into Bolivia to see those famous salt flats.  Or neighboring Colombia, just because – well it’s so “neighboringly” close to my adopted home here in Ecuador.  But neither of those seem quite exotic enough to mark 5-0.

I also considered Ireland (for some reason it’s been lately on my mind, and one of the few European countries I’ve yet to visit).  But (amazingly) even with a Black Friday *$250 round trip* airfare from JFK to Dublin, that too just didn’t quite tickle my 50th travelin’ toes.

Then suddenly it hit me.  A land that I came THIS close to visiting when I left Asia nearly 4 years ago in February.  Indeed, back then I’d already managed to confirm a great couchsurf with a fellow EFL teacher in…  in the otherwise pricey/uber-tight sleeps city of Sapporo for the legendary annual Snow Festival.  From Vietnam the airfare would have been peanuts, and with free sleeps locked-in…

Ah but suffice, once I was certain that I was moving lock, stock ‘n barrel (yet again) to a totally new continent on the other side of the globe (here to Ecuador) – I suddenly got cold-feet.  Fiscal prudence won out over snowflake fancy, and I decided I best save my pennies for the move to South America.

Fast-forward nearly four years…  Long story short?

Can you now guess where I’m headed for my 50th?

(Hint: I’m going in early April – can you spell c-h-e-r-r-y  b-l-o-s-s-o-m-s?)

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Off-the-beaten-path travel is my passion,and I’ve always lived life “like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store” – eager to sample as many flavors as I can. Indeed, my life motto has long been: This ain’t a dress rehearsal, folks!

6 Responses to Where Should I Go for My 50th Country?

  1. That “fiscal prudence” so often gets in the way of making some epic journeys, doesn’t it Dyanne? There’s something though, about the hours of research involved to find those travel bargains that can really enhance part of the trip planning for us budget travelers. And hey, why not count? The big 50, in both birthdays and countries traveled, is a true milestone!

    • Dyanne says:

      I emphatically agree, Anita – that the planning and dreaming is actually a big part of the fun of traveling. I mean, if all I had to do was click on the button for the priciest all-inclusive tour to [fill in some random country here] – what fun would that be?

      Leastwise for me – it’s the CHALLENGE of dreaming about and choosing some new far-away land, and then figuring out how I can possibly get there (much less sleep, eat and explore the new wonders there) on my slim retired pensioner’s budget – that’s a most satisfying part of my travels.

      And speaking of (travel challenges) – trust me – my newest travel quarry (i.e. Japan) is proving quiiite the little challenge to the contents of my travel piggy bank! 😉

  2. Keith says:

    Looking forward to your posts on Peru which I only visited this year. I know the airfare from South America would not be budget but I would really recommend both Georgia and Armenia. Great people and budget travel.

    • Dyanne says:

      Great suggestions, Keith! Both were temptingly nearby on my solo backpack through the Balkans and Turkey last year. But of course I’d already skipped through 7 new countries at that point, and… what can I say? That “75% I’ve yet to see” looms frustratingly out of reach.

      P.S. Yes, yes – thanks for the nudge. I’m off to polish off a near 1k mots (not to mention near 40 pics!) on my wondrous street art tour in Lima last month.

  3. South Korea has wonderful cherry blossoms, so I hear. But you’ve already given it away… How long will your jaunt be for?
    Ruth Elisabeth kindly contributed to world literature by posting…One year on: What language learning am I doing?My Profile

    • Dyanne says:

      lol – as does Washington D.C. for that matter, Ruth. 😉 But now, Japan (yes the reference to Sapporo no doubt gave it away) – now THAT’s a most amazing culture/country worthy of a 5-0 milestone.

      Unfortunately it’s a bit pricey though, for this budget backpacker. So though I wish I could stay a month or three (there’s oh so much to see/do – lol, I’ve even looked at possible EFL teaching ops!), I’ve necessarily settled for just 11 nts. (April 5 – 16). That said though, I’m now finding that accommodations, etc. aren’t nearly as uber-pricey as I expected. Stay tuned for details of my pre-trip preps!

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