Mexico Millions of Monarch buttterflies on their annual migration to Mexico

Published on January 9th, 2017


Taking My Own (Travel) Advice

Carpe Diem!O.k. so yes, yes – it’s been little more than two months since I returned from my (arguably, epic) marathon journey through 8 different countries in Eastern Europe. Indeed, I’ve barely even BEGUN to sort out all the many memorable moments and share them here at TL.  And yes, I AM thrilled to be again standing still for awhile here in my beloved adopted home in Ecuador.  Not the least bit bored, still plenty of delights and surprises right here within steps of my front door each and every blessed day.

And it’s not as if I didn’t spend a BOATLOAD of ca$h traipsing hither ‘n yon (from Germany to Austria to Slovenia to Croatia to Bosnia-Herzegovina to Montenegro to Turkey to Greece).  After all, those wondrous balloon rides in Cappadocia don’t come cheap, and even traveling frugally, dropping centavos for sleeps and eats for 44 straight days most surely adds up.

STILL…  Given the sobering “Onism” video that I recently shared with all of you here (“Onism: The Awareness of How Little of the World You’ll Experience”) combined with this breathtakingly high-numbered New Year of – OMG – 2000 and SEVENTEEN!…

The clock is ticking folks, and this dodderin’ lass surely ain’t getting any younger.  And though I’ve never formally spelled out a “bucket list” (favoring instead to choose my destinations via sudden whim and/or stray cheapo airfares that simply can NOT be passed up – Easter Island, I’m lookin’ at YOU), I do have a few location-specific “wannados” that have long been on my wanderlust wish list over the years.

And while I surely don’t have a generous trust fund to perpetually prance ’round the globe (#iwish), the truth is – though my pension funds are decidedly limited, my overhead living (quite comfortably) here amid the cobbled streets of Cuenca is so economical that I’m easily able to tuck a goodly wad away each month – to finance my travel addiction without dipping into my savings at all.

All which is to say…

I’ve been swaying to and fro here for weeks now – debating whether I dare splurge on a new adventure so soon after my Balkans odyssey, and…

Suffice – I just went ahead and did it – “Carpe’d” the “Diem”!  Threw all such silly fiscal caution to the four winds and grabbed an airfare come February – to witness for myself, the legendary (10,000 year old!) return of those BILLION Monarch butterflies to their origin amid the alpine forests of Michoacan, Mexico.


Woo-hoo! I'm headed to Mexico to see the Monarch Butterfly Migration!

Taking (my own) Travel Advice: I'm off to see the Monarch butterly migration in Mexico! Taking (my own) Travel Advice: I'm off to see the Monarch butterly migration in Mexico!

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4 Responses to Taking My Own (Travel) Advice

  1. I’m so jealous – color me green! Seeing the monarchs in Mexico is something I’ve wanted to do since I read Barbara Kingsolver’s book, “Flight Behavior.” This will definitely be an amazing experience for you and I’ll look forward to seeing your photos!
    Anita @ No Particular Place To Go kindly contributed to world literature by posting…All Roads Lead To SevilleMy Profile

    • Dyanne says:

      Yes, yes Anita – I’ve d/l “Flight Behavior” to my Kindle and will start reading it tonight!

      And yes, the notion of witnessing the legendary Monarch migration caught my attention many years ago, but then… somehow slipped off my wanderlust radar for a couple of decades. But last year about this time, I noticed it again – but alas too late (the best viewing is said to be Jan/Feb to early March). So this year I was determined to make it happen already!

      Should be quite the spectacle – crossing fingers for good, sunshiny weather!

  2. Ilene Roberts says:

    Good for you, chica!
    Many (>30) years ago we had a magical mystical experience with the Monarchs when we lived in Southern California. We were on a weekend excursion with some friends, travelling the deserted dirt back roads near Ojai California. And suddenly we were surrounded by butterflies! We stopped our vehicle and got out. It was surreal. They were everywhere. It was truly amazing.

    Hope you get to experience the same thing on your trip! Buen viaje!

    • Dyanne says:

      Yes Ilene – apparently the monarchs (which btw, is the only butterfly species that migrates) overwinter in the warm climes of the southwestern U.S.. But those in the central and eastern states head to Mexico for the winter. Lucky you to have had that wondrous experience!

      With any luck (apparently it depends on the weather – rain/cloudy – they tend to huddle in huge clusters in the trees) I’ll witness the bazillions amid the forests of Mexico. I plan to spend 3 nts. there (visiting several sanctuaries), so hopefully I too will experience the magic.

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