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Published on April 30th, 2016


The Last Ice Merchant of Ecuador [video]

Woa!  Now THIS is why I choose to travel and live in so many different corners of the world.

Yes, yes, the iconic sights scattered across the globe like China’s Great Wall, Egypt’s Giza, Australia’s “Rock”, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, not to mention those legendary moai on Easter Island, etc. are surely amazing to behold, and I pinch myself that I’ve been lucky enough to see and touch them in person. And no doubt I’ll soon have many more such bucket-list memories to savor following my romp through the Balkans and Turkey come September (stay tuned for a nitty-gritty post on just The.Planning. of the month+ long adventure to likely 6 – 11 countries!)

But honestly?

My obsession with exploring the world is far more about – in but a small way – being in touch with age-old traditions that are swiftly disappearing amid the nutso plethora of digital-everything that is today’s reality (she says, as she pecks here on her laptop juiced by spurts of beloved wifi).

But seriously, I’m ever so grateful that I can live in a land where amazing folks like the lad in this short film (Baltazar Ushca) still exist. And I believe that I can safely GUARANTEE that you’ll enjoy the next 14+ minutes of this most remarkable video:

(Oh, and if ever there was a time to punch that “full screen”
icon on a video – I urge you to DO.IT.NOW.)


Now I ask you – was that not utterly “Wow Worthy” or what? Though I’m not likely to actually make the trek with Baltazar up to the high reaches of Mount Chimborazo (yeah right – in my DREAMS!), I do so hope to meet him in his village one day.

The Last Ice Merchant in Ecuador - Video

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2 Responses to The Last Ice Merchant of Ecuador [video]

  1. Chhavi says:

    Wow. Pinning this!

    • Dyanne says:

      Glad you like it Chhavi – it truly is a most skillfully done video, about a most remarkable ancient custom here in my adopted home.

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