Simply Strays 1,500 plastic bottles consumed in ONE SECOND in the U.S.

Published on July 13th, 2016


At First I Thought It Was an Ad for Coke…

Turns out it was a 2 minute plea for sanity in support of my most passionate cause:  the utterly irresponsible proliferation of plastic bottles clogging the landfills, river and oceans of our (did I mention one and only?) Planet.

P.S.  It seems those of us in the developed, English speaking world, often forget that folks in distant corners all over the globe are likewise concerned with such environmental pollution.

And sadly, my native land contributes more than its fair share to the wreckage (no fewer than 1,500 plastic water bottles consumed IN.ONE.SECOND in the U.S. and fully 80% of them end up in landfills). 🙁

Thanks for listening.  This has been a (rare) public service announcement.  We will now return to your regularly scheduled TravelnLass programming.

At first I thought it was an ad for Coke... 1,500 plastic bottles consumed in ONE SECOND in the U.S.

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2 Responses to At First I Thought It Was an Ad for Coke…

  1. We lived on Padre Island off the coast of Texas for 10 years and one of our favorite things was to visit and walk along the National Seashore, several times a week. It was so sad and frustrating to see the amount of trash that came in with the tide and despoiled the miles of beach, especially the plastic bottles and bags. We can all use a public service reminder! Anita
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    • Dyanne says:

      Thanks for chiming in Anita. Yep, sadly the reality is that bottled water was originally, and always has been a gigantic marketing scheme that the public has bought hook, line and sinker. Indeed, it’s become a billion dollar industry, dee.liberately designed to “manufacture demand”.

      Another fantastic video on the subject is “The Story Of Bottled Water” brought to you by the same brilliant folks that created “The Story of Stuff”.

      The Story of Bottled Water

      Here at TL, I don’t often wax evangelistic “preachy”. But if a post like this every once in awhile makes even one of my readers stop and think – it’s the very least I can do for our (did I mention, one-and-only?) Big Blue Dot.

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