Expatn A single rose on a grave in the municipal cemetery, Cuenca, Ecuador

Published on May 30th, 2016


Memorial Day – Cuenca Style

Corpus Christi Festival sweets, Cuenca, Ecuador
A sobering day.

While the U.S. marks another Memorial Day with respectful ceremonies honoring those who have paid the ultimate price in the name of our freedoms (along with yes, a 3 day holiday and hamburgers on the grill – yay!), here in Ecuador this time of year is marked by the festival of Corpus Christi.

Then again, it seems Ecuador has an infinite supply of such festivals – enough for several each week!

Corpus Christi Festival collage, Cuenca, Ecuador

In any case, while I enjoyed sampling the sweets along with the nightly “castle” spectacles (30 foot tall bamboo frameworks covered in an intricately sychronized pyrotechnic display of whirling sparkly pinwheels), a small part of my heart remained subdued, and I decided to hold my own little “memorial” to honor those strangers that lived and died here in my adopted home.

On the eastern edge of El Centro lies Cuenca’s municipal cemetery (Cementerio Municipal Patrimonial}. I’ve long wanted to explore it but just never before managed to make the short walk east. But when I awoke this morning, it suddenly dawned on me – what better time to pay my respects to those who’ve gone before me, than this Memorial Day Monday in my native land?

Thus… I present to you on this sobering memorial day – a photo essay of the resting grounds for folks who once lived here in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Click on an image to view a slideshow of enlarged images.

The dazzle of nightly fireworks at the annual Corpus Christi Festival in Cuenca, Ecuador Honoring strangers at the municipal cemetery in Cuenca, Ecuador as my friends and family mark Memorial Day in my native land.


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2 Responses to Memorial Day – Cuenca Style

  1. Holidays tend to sneak up when you live out of the US (if it weren’t for the emails advertising sales I’d never know!) but, then again, we seem to get many more holidays wherever we happen to be. Who cares about three-day weekends when there’s a celebration every week or two? What fun!
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    • Dyanne says:

      Indeed Anita, “3 day weekend”? Who cares, when you’re retired and EVERY 3 days is a holiday, yes? 😉

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