The Great Leap Moving abroad may seem like jumping off a cliff!

Published on June 29th, 2017


Scared to Follow Your Dreams?

Empty apartment - ready to move to Vietnam!Terrified to take “The Great Leap”?  Frozen in your comfy life in your native land?

Heck, feeling timid about… simply heading off for a week solo to – I dunno, to… NYC or Paris?

I hear ya.  Honestly I do.  I remember well the many nights I’d wake up in a cold sweat as my apartment in Seattle emptied of everything save a rollie and a backpack, and my departure (did I mention: ONE-WAY ticket?) for Vietnam (a.k.a. “The Total UNKNOWN”) loomed closer and closer.

Of course, now – 6 years and several continents later – we all know how THAT turned out (Answer: utterly SPLENDIDLY!)

But still… the truth is, I STILL get a few butterflies whenever I set off on a new adventure – even after skipping solo around nearly 50 foreign countries.

So yes, yes – I hear ya on the scaredy-cat thing.

Does it feel like THIS??

(Granted, a bit long, but do at least watch a few of the shaky knees,
and then fastforward to about 15:00 to see the final climax.)

Backstory:  “Ten Meter Tower” (about 33 feet high) was a social experiment staged in Sweden, and the film first debuted at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.  Each volunteer (who had never before jumped from that height) was offered the equivalent of $30 to jump.  Apparently 70% (approx. 47) actually jumped.

Question izzz: Would YOU jump?

Taking the "Great Leap" may feel like jumping off a cliff!

Needless to say, my point here is this:  Lots of things are scary.  Especially anything new, untried, different from our usual routine.  But do you really want to live your entire life in the same-ol’ same-ol’ ordinary “safe” zone?

Trust me – often the very best in life can only happen when we reach beyond our comfort zone.

So I say Dream BIG.  Dream your (seemingly) most outlandish dream – be it a new job, starting your own business, or skipping perpetually around the globe exploring the many wondrous corners of the this amazing Planet like me.  Then show those butterflies in your tummy whose boss.  Embrace the unknown.  Stretch out your (trembling) wings and FLY!

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