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Published on October 12th, 2016


How To Take Fabulous Travel Pics in Just 4 Seconds (#satire)

Our beloved WWW is verily LITTERED with helpful tips on “How to Do Splits in One Day“, “How To Do Laundry: 7 Mistakes to Avoid“, “Fractions: How to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Them” – oh, and my personal favorite: How to Get 150,000 People to Read Your Blog Post in One Week.

Uh, regarding that last one, I say… um yeah – good luck with that.

Indeed, with such a vast sea of helpful How-to info at our fingertips these days, there surely must be a stray Youtube video floating around out there guaranteeing to teach you:  “How to Do ANYTHING in 6 Minutes or Less – Including Speaking Swahili Fluently, While Coincidentally Becoming a Violin Virtuoso AND Noodling Out the Solution to One of the 10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics – All Within the Same Six Minutes“!

Which is why, the following post title caught my eye (and tickled my funny-bone unmercifully).  Given that I’m likely presently wandering around Munich or Salzburg or Ljubljana, Slovenia snapping pics left and right, I thought I’d share a handful of travel photography tips with all of you.  Among THE most (surprisingly) helpful (and silmutaneously hysterical) photog help posts from one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Daniel McBane:

5 Easy Steps to Crappy Pictures

In short, sometimes tongue-in-cheek sarcasm can be more helpful than all the 10 Secrets for Taking Incredible iPhone Travel Photos lists combined.

Learn how to take fabulous travel photos in just 4 seconds!

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Off-the-beaten-path travel is my passion,and I’ve always lived life “like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store” – eager to sample as many flavors as I can. Indeed, my life motto has long been: This ain’t a dress rehearsal, folks!

6 Responses to How To Take Fabulous Travel Pics in Just 4 Seconds (#satire)

  1. Ted says:

    It’s weird,after over 5 months on the road and using a smartphone and tablet as an experiment, I found my Galaxy SII (basically an iPhone with bells and whistles) did not turn out too bad a foto (not great, but passable).

    I used the 640 x 480 setting (not available on iPhones), got better pics than the iPhone I used for a series of articles and they reduced nicely for my blog. A bit limiting and very slow getting them ready on an Android tablet, but as that article said, “portability..”.

    I’ve repented and gone back to a real camera and laptop now, so it’s okay – I’d rather have flexibility and higher quality (even though I have more ‘litys).
    Ted kindly contributed to world literature by posting…A new thing for meMy Profile

    • Dyanne says:

      Yes Ted, I too find that my Galaxy S4 takes a perfectly acceptable pic – for web use. 640 a bit small though for the truly great images worthy of cropping/editing, but far easier to post a quick one on Instagram or Facebook.

      My new Sony MX2 does have Bluetooth and I’d planned on using it to upload/safeguard my images to Dropbox via my phone as I traveled, but… alas on camera I’ve set it to a higher quality so it takes *forever* to upload at the mostly pathetic juice I had in Europe (when I could even get some at all). Luckily, I made it back home here to my laptop with no camera snafus and – will be shortly uploading them to edit in Lightroom – my second favorite pastime after the traveling itself!

      P.S. enjoyed your latest “A New Thing for Me” blog post – glad you’re on the mend!

      • Ted says:

        Hey Dyanne, you can do something about that with the MacGyver Photo Editor APP in Play Store.

        Save the JPG file as a PNG and then crop or resize, do your touch ups and post the image. I did that on a tablet, but it should work on your S4 – might have to squint though :). It is a slow process but you can do a lot with the Photo Editor (not Google’s one – don’t install the wrong APP).

        Then just keep the original JPEG files in a folder and stick that on a flash drive to give more space on your fone.

        • Dyanne says:

          Sorry Ted, but I have no interest in using my precious travel time to tweak photos (on a bitty screen, no less) whilst I’m on the Trail.

          At most, I will take a moment to add a filter in Instagram or jazz up a pic with PRISMA, and then simply upload it simultaneously to Facebook, et al. It’s just not that important to me to fiddle with cropping, etc as I move along. Far better to use that time to gawk at ever new sights that I’ll likely never have the chance to see again and/or spend my time meeting locals and learning about the places I visit.

          Now after I return home and launch my 17″ laptop – that’s a whole ‘nuther story. And imo, there truly isn’t anything better for organizing and editing photos than Lightroom.

  2. Thanks for starting my morning off with a big laugh- Now I’m really inspired! And here I was going to edit and sort our last trip’s photos today and look for the good ones. Hope you’re having a great time, wherever you are, Mrs. Calabash!
    Anita @ No Particular Place To Go kindly contributed to world literature by posting…Planes, Trains and Automobiles or What We Did On Our VacationMy Profile

    • Dyanne says:

      Well hello there, stranger! I’ve been thinking of you as I too have traveled wide and far in Eastern Europe. Wondering why I’ve not seen a post, and now I know why.

      Yes, yes, I honestly don’t know how some bloggers do it. No way can i steal precious travel time away to peck a full post from scratch whence I’m hard on “The Trail”. Every precious moment is devoted to exploring new corners and I’m lucky if I can post a quick photo on Instagram or Facebook from my phone.

      And yes too, enjoy your photo editing – it’s one of my favorite ways to while away my time between adventures. I’m sure all yours will prove to be “good ones”.

      P.S. Re: “Mrs. Calabash” – yup, no doubt the youngsters haven’t a clue who she was! 😉

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