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Published on July 27th, 2015


You’re So “Lucky”

A “Just Sayin” DISCLAIMER:
The following rant was not written by some bright-eyed 20-something waxing effusive about how their gap-year skip around Southeast Asia “changed me forever”, and that you too, can be a “digital nomad” (a tiresome phrase if ever there was one).  Nope, I’m a dodderin’ lass – who long ago simply decided to make travel a life-priority.

O.k, now you may read on…


Don’t get me wrong – while I’m super-duper grateful for the privilege that I was (utterly by fluke) born in one of those “developed” countries (e.g. sprang from the loins of Will and Arleen Kruger who just happened to reside in a comfy apartment in Oak Park, Illinois – as opposed to say…  a single mother of 8 in a thatched hut in Mozambique, for example), the title of this post is a refrain I hear often as I bounce from one (yes, agreed, spectacular) corner of this wondrous globe to another.


A good bit tattered these days but still among the most welcome.

And yes, I freely admit that I’m exceedingly “lucky” to be privy to one of the world’s most prized passports (e.g. according to the aforementioned link, my dear navy blue passport allows me to easily skip into no fewer that 147 different foreign lands – vs. the kids of that Mozambique mom, alas but 52). 

But Let’s Get One Thing Straight…

“You’re so lucky”

Yes, I have definitely seen some of the World’s most amazing and iconic sights (here, here and here for starters). Lolled on more than my fair share of tropical beaches (not to mention, slogged through plenty of steamy jungles), and I’m here to tell ya – over-all, it’s been a pretty darn peachy-keen life with precious few regrets.  Nonetheless…

Telling me how ‘lucky’ I am implies that courage, hard work, sacrifice and tenacity played no part.  If you want to do what I do – to gawk at and explore the fascinating corners of the world that I have…

You can.

But you choose not to.

That’s not because you’re unlucky – it’s simply a choice you’ve made.  Just like living here amid the cobbled streets and glorious cathedrals of my new home in Cuenca, Ecuador – is a choice I’ve made.


Indeed, telling me that I’m “lucky” rubs against the very grain of this, my TL blog. I mean, saying that I’m (merely) “lucky” implies that it’s all just a matter of CHANCE. That it’s all a crap-shoot. That there’s no hope for you – because you alas, aren’t “lucky” like me.

But that’s just hooey. My tales here aren’t merely a matter of sheer “luck”. Nosiree. This life of travel (that I’ve chosen) is most definitely a result of trade-offs, of taking risks – dumping most all my worldly possessions, and nipping down my overhead in favor of channeling my paltry income exclusively into buying air tickets to the likes of Easter Island, the Galapagos, et al. Furthermore, the whole reason I diligently peck ever new posts here, week after week after week… is not to brag, but rather – to inspire YOU to likewise – at any age and circumstance – follow YOUR dreams.


Indeed, you CAN do pretty much ANYTHING you want (well o.k. perhaps leading the next NASA space expedition to Pluto might be a bit of a stretch). But seriously – MOST ANYTHING ELSE you want to do is definitely on the table – no matter your present age, pathetic bank balance or circumstance.

It’s all about TRADE-OFFS. Making a CHOICE – the CHOICE to pursue your dreams in earnest. Sacrifice whatever needs sacrificing. Move (or step daintily around, nay push mercilessly aside) whatever obstacles stand in your way.

No, this isn’t you. Sadly, this is a lad that didn’t win the birth-lottery like you and I did…

Towit: The chances are excellent that if you’re reading this post, then you likely own some sort of a pricey techno gadget (be it a laptop, phone, tablet or whatever), and furthermore, you’re clearly linked up to a stream of digital-juice (as opposed to hunched over a pot of rice hanging above a smokey dung fire in your thatched hut in Mozambique – with those eight barefoot children raptly waiting for their only meal today).

So please – cease with the “Oh, you’re sooo lucky – I WISH I could travel the World like you do.”

I’m not saying EVERYBODY can do it. But I’m 99% certain that – if you’re reading this, then YOU can jolly-well do it.

So please – quit yer whinin’. If you truly think I’m so very lucky – then simply start making a smidge of your own “luck”. Start making those tough choices and trade-offs that it takes to realize your dreams.

P.S. And btw – my life ain’t all that awesomely glamorous. I still have to take the garbage out and clean the litter box on occasion. Nor am I saying that everybody reading this desperately wants to be in my shoes. This nutso life of wander and expatting surely ain’t everybody’s cuppa tea. But what I AM saying is this:

If you have a similar dream of traveling the world – then don’t just sit there reading this stupid post and WISHING you could do it.  Just make a decision like I once did – to make travel YOUR priority. And then… simply make those changes in your life to make your dreams come true.


About the Author

Off-the-beaten-path travel is my passion,and I’ve always lived life “like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store” – eager to sample as many flavors as I can. Indeed, my life motto has long been: This ain’t a dress rehearsal, folks!

2 Responses to You’re So “Lucky”

  1. What a wonderful post! Life is all about choices and sometimes stepping away from the well known. Thanks for stating it so clearly. I’ll be sharing this one with my friends and old co-workers at home.

    • Dyanne says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Peter. Yes, yes, feel free to share it wide and far. As you can tell, I feel rather strongly that it’s all about choices and trade-offs. That plus, yes – stretching yourself beyond your same ol’-same ol’ comfy limits.

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