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Published on May 8th, 2015


Foto Flip Friday – May Theme: “Cuenca Street Art” (Week 2)

Welcome to a brand new edition of Foto Flip Friday – a selected showcase of photos dredged up from my bountiful photo archives and whittled into pretty little “flip/flop” postcards each Friday.  And to add to the fun, each month I’ll challenge myself to unearth a series of images that meet a monthly theme.

I’ve been happily tucked into my new home here on a mountain top in Ecuador for more than a year now, and from day one, among the (many) charms of this cobbled Andean town has been the multitude of colorful street art at every turn. Early on I began collecting photos of these beauties as I rounded each new turn in my wanderings around El Centro, the heart of Cuenca. I’d planned to write a post about them, but instead I suddenly thought “Why not feature some of these honeys for Foto Flip Fridays?” And thus…

May’s FFF theme is:  CUENCA STREET ART

My only dilemma with featuring postcards from so close to home is – what to scribble on the back. “Wish you were here!” springs initially to mind of course, but what then for each pair during the entire month of May? Do mouseover each photo to find out…

Simply mouseover the image and watch the *magic!)

Foto Flip Friday May 2015 Theme: Cuenca Street Art Banana Hair Lady Postcard photo Front

Foto Flip Friday May 2015 Theme: Cuenca Street Art 01 Postcard photo Back

* Well o.k. for those viewing in IE, not so much a magical “flip” as a fading change. If you want to see the flip/flop, try viewing in Chrome or Firefox.

And for this’s week’s second flip-floppy – a colorful 3D abstract:

Foto Flip Friday May 2015 Theme: Cuenca Street Art Lad and Moon Postcard photo Front

Foto Flip Friday May 2015 Theme: Cuenca Street Art 02 Postcard photo Back


All this month I’ll be drawing images from my bountiful collection of “Cuenca Street Art”, so check back next Friday to see another flip/flop postcard or two from the neighborhoods that I skip through daily here in Ecuador.

And meanwhile – if you’d like to submit a “Street Art” photo (from anywhere in the world) of your own (in landscape format, min. 700 px. wide), just upload it to an online source (e.g. your blog, Facebook, Flickr, etc – make sure the privacy settings are set to “public”), and post a link to it in the comments below.

Who knows?  I might just whittle it into a flip/flop digital postcard here!

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Off-the-beaten-path travel is my passion,and I’ve always lived life “like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store” – eager to sample as many flavors as I can. Indeed, my life motto has long been: This ain’t a dress rehearsal, folks!

3 Responses to Foto Flip Friday – May Theme: “Cuenca Street Art” (Week 2)

  1. Ted says:

    Like it. I didn’t realize you had permanent residency Dyanne – what a relief eh.
    Ted kindly contributed to world literature by posting…Graffiti to street artMy Profile

    • Dyanne says:

      Yes indeed Ted, quite amazing (not to mention a relief) to have permanent residency here after fiddling with renewing visas every time I turned around the past 3+ years. Furthermore, even I’m surprised at how much a love it here in Cuenca. I miss Vietnam of course, but Ecuador is a great base for exploring the rest of South America. Starting with… next week ***Easter Island**** yippeee! 😉

      • Ted says:

        Easter Island sounds like it will be a good trip. Just thing, 40 years you could never have done that without a very, long, boat journey. Hope you enjoy it.

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