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Published on April 21st, 2015


“Rainworks” Art – Brilliant! [video]

Now THIS is WOW Worthy kewl! And to think – gee what a surprise – it originated in my (reliably clever) beloved Seattle:


The notion of the ability to effectively “hide” stuff on a simple sidewalk – well… you can just imagine how swiftly my geo-instincts kicked in. I mean… how kewl would this be when used as a way to hide coordinates on a MYSTERY GEOCACHE???

Now… alls I have to do is somehow unearth some of that nifty hydrophobic coating (anybody coming to Ecuador soon that wants to mule me some?)

Only trouble is – apparently it doesn’t last forever (depending on traffic, anywhere from 2 – 8 months) Still… maybe just a set of coordinates tucked on an obscure, un-trod corner of a sidewalk. Indeed, here amid the cobbled streets and craggy sidewalks of Cuenca, surely I can find someplace that will A. last for at least a year, and B. not get me thrown into an Ecuadorian prison for vandalism.

Here’s another link with more details:

Instructables: How to make Rain Drawings.

Yoo-hoo! Dayspring, there in Seattle – methinks you need to hide a cache with this stuff – maybe even a “Totally Tubular” that dumps water to reveal the coordinates to the final?

In any case, a most fun new notion to put smiles on the faces of folks who have to trudge to work in the drizzle of Seattle. My prediction? This art form will spread like WILD FIRE!


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