Published on September 22nd, 2014


Wait! Chicago Pizza – Here in Cuenca, Ecuador?

2014-09-18 201409ECU-ChicagoPizzaChicagoPhotoSliderYou can take the girl out of Chicago, but you can’t take (the delectable tastes of) Chicago out of the girl.

Indeed, though I’ve lived more than 2/3 of my life far from my birthplace (first California, then Oregon, then Colorado, then Washington, then Vietnam, then Thailand, and now Ecuador) – I shall never, ever forget those amazing quintessential Chi-town eats: deep-dish pizza (Uno’s I’m lookin’ at YOU!), Italian beef sandwiches, and best of all, bar-none, most beloved childhood comfort food: a scrumptious Chicago Red Hot (hot dog).

And so it was, that I couldn’t help but involuntarily drool, the moment I learned of a restaurant right here in the heart of El Centro that allegedly offered the pizza from my long ago youth.

2014-09-18 201409ECU-ChicagoPizzaCuencaCobbledToesSlider

Yet another glimpse of
the TravelnLass’ “Toes in Situ”…

So I swiftly skipped down the cobbled lane (just 5 blocks from my front door) to the namesake of my childhood: Chicago Pizza.

From the outside, it surely LOOKED like it promised the authentic deep-dish ala Uno’s and Due’s goods (well o.k. but for the Spanish “Desayunos” and “Almuerzos” on the sign), but…

2014-09-18 201409ECU-ChicagoPizzaRestaurantFrontSlider

…what about the pizza itself – could it possibly replicate the 3 inch deep “pizza pies” plunked down on your red and white checkered tablecloth in a steaming cast iron skillet in Chicago?

2014-09-18 201409ECU-ChicagoPizzaSliceSlider

Well o.k., that would be a big ol’ “NOPE!” Not exactly 3 inches high, nor even a hopeful inch.  Looked more like a “New York” style pizza slice, if you ask me. And indeed (shh! don’t tell my family but…) I actually favor the thin-crusted cheesy slices of pizza from that other great city (you know, the one dubbed “La Gran Manzana”).

O.k. so it’s not Chi-town deep-dish but NYC thin crust. Ah but what does it taste like?

2014-09-18 201409ECU-ChicagoPizzaFoldedSlice389x518

Geez – save some for me! Did ya have to take such a big bite???

So… what do ya think???

(This Chicago native’s verdict? OMG yummm-MERS!)

P.S. And the price? Even more delicioso: just $1 a slice.

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Off-the-beaten-path travel is my passion,and I’ve always lived life “like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store” – eager to sample as many flavors as I can. Indeed, my life motto has long been: This ain’t a dress rehearsal, folks!

2 Responses to Wait! Chicago Pizza – Here in Cuenca, Ecuador?

  1. Guy says:

    At least it’s pizza 🙂
    Guy kindly contributed to world literature by posting…Skateboard Death!My Profile

    • Dyanne says:

      EX.ACT.LY, Guy! When one is living verily on the Equator (which of course is why it’s called “Ecuador”) one can’t be too very choosy w/ one’s childhood comfort foods. At least it’s PIZZA after all – and actually pretty tasty!

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