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Published on June 20th, 2014


Foto Flip Friday: Follow Your Dreams (Last Call for Entries!)

Welcome to the 3nd week of June’s Foto Flip Friday theme: Follow Your Dreams

A fun little photo competition where you can submit a photo, and I’ll select up to 3 each month to be whittled into a flipping photo and displayed here the last week of the month, like so:

(mouseover the image and watch the *magic!)

Foto Flip Friday Sample Solar Eclipse Postcard photo Front, June 2014 Theme: Follow Your Dreams

Foto Flip Friday Sample Eclipse Postcard photo Back

* Well o.k. for those viewing in IE, not so much a magical “flip” as a fading change. If you want to see the flip/flop, try viewing in Chrome or Firefox.

Imagine that – the chance for YOUR photo, happily flipping to ‘n fro here – with YOUR personal message on the back!

PLUS… for those who like – a link back to your website/blog (a reciprocal link back here to TravelnLass not required, but nonetheless appreciated) 😉

BUT… while entries for this month’s theme have been open now for 2 full weeks – the window for photo submissions closes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!

After that, I need time to gaze at all the entries, select the winner(s) and whittle the photos into nifty flip-floppin’ digital postcards.

So… if you still want in for this month’s contest, you best get crackin’ NOW!

All you need do to participate in the new TravelnLass monthly Foto Flip Friday competition is:

  • Choose a pic (that YOU have taken!) that fits this month’s theme – one that’s in “landscape” orientation (to fit the “postcard” profile). Make sure it’s at least 700 pixels wide and in .jpg format. The pic needn’t be fabulous nor professional quality (mine surely aren’t!), but do choose one that showcases your best work (a bit of postrocessing is fine).
  • Upload your photo to the Web (in a blog post, on Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Instagram, Picasa, etc. – many options for photo hosting – just make sure wherever you put it, the privacy is set to “public”), and then…
  • In the comments below, post a link to your photo, plus…
  • A short (no more than 10 – 15 words) “postcard” message of the story behind the photo/why it fits the theme, and whatever name you want as a signature. This I will put on the flip side of the winning postcard(s).
  • Also include a short (1-3 short words) title (where the photo was taken or some such) that you want on the postcard front, plus a link to your website if you like.
  • The winning postcard(s) will remain displayed for the last week each month, and the following Friday I will launch a new theme. All the winning entries will be archived so you can view them any time.

This month’s theme is…


e.g. any pic that you’ve taken that inspires you to follow your dreams (be they travel, or career, or art, hobby, sport, or whatever), *or an image that shows you happily enjoying your dream-come-true.

* Note: though normally your photo must be one that YOU took – for this “Follow Your Dreams” theme, we’ll let you slide if YOU are in the pic – and thus obviously didn’t have your finger on the shutter.

Not sure what photo you have that will fit the theme?
Here’s another example of what “Follow Your Dreams” has meant to me:

Foto Flip Friday Sample Friend Postcard photo Front, June 2014 Theme: Follow Your Dreams

Foto Flip Friday Sample Friend Postcard photo Back


You can also view previous week’s “Follow Your Dreams” samples HERE and HERE.

But don’t delay – you only have til midnight TONIGHT (Friday, June 20th EST). So submit your photo (one per person/website) for the June theme via the comments below NOW!

Note, photos submitted after midnight tonight, will NOT be considered.

Foto Flip Friday will be mighty quiet for a week, while I ponder all the entries and select up to 3 photos I fancy the most and whittle them into digital flipping postcards.

But do stay tuned ‘cuz next Friday (the 27th of June), I’ll post the winners here on TravelnLass where they will sweetly flip to and fro for all the World to see.

And meanwhile…
I have several ideas up my sleeve for future Foto Flip Friday themes – but do feel free to suggest themes that you’d like to see here, in the comments below.

Foto Flip Friday Winner's Badge Added bonus: The winners will be eligible to display a Foto Flip Friday Winner’s Badge on their site (linked back to their winning Flip Postcard here at TL), and…

ANYBODY that submits a photo (even if it’s not in the top 3) will get a link to their site beneath the winning postcards.

Just a few hours left – submit your photo… TOOO-DAY!

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Off-the-beaten-path travel is my passion,and I’ve always lived life “like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store” – eager to sample as many flavors as I can. Indeed, my life motto has long been: This ain’t a dress rehearsal, folks!

2 Responses to Foto Flip Friday: Follow Your Dreams (Last Call for Entries!)

  1. Nadine Archer Allen says:
    Photograph Wildlife in Coos Bay’s Community Garden, Ladybug Landing

    • Dyanne says:

      Juuuuust in the nick of time Nadine – nice one! Now stay tuned to see who the winners are next Friday.

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