Published on March 22nd, 2012


Just when I think that I can’t take it another minute!

It’s been nearly 5 months now. Five months devoid of all that is familiar. Nearly a half year since I was tossed out of the blessedly temperate emeraldness of my beloved Seattle. (well OK, moving lock, stock ‘n barrel to some “g-forsaken rice paddy” was wholly voluntary, but still…) Tossed and dumped rudely here amid the insufferable heat, the sticky humidity, the insanely dizzying death-wish traffic, the perpetually frenetic nutso-ness that is quintessential Saigon.

Veteran expats will all nod in unison. The half-year mark is ever the great tester.  The honeymoon of expat-rosiness is over.  The novelty of exploring a new exotic home has dimmed.  Yearnings for peanut butter cups and good friends you’ve known for years bubble to the surface.  Suddenly being surrounded by babbling gibberish (even if the food is to die for) just doesn’t seem quite so charming.  And you begin to wonder…



Not artificials, these babies are my own home-grown tips.

Ah but then…  You meet your good Vietnamese chum downtown for a manicure.  Not just any ol’ manicure mind you.  A first-ever-I’ve-always-wanted-a-FRENCH TIP manicure!  A hand-painted creation – delicately brushed, white-tipped, veiled with a thin coat of translucent blush – a veritible work of ART!

For uh… 2 bucks.

Ah yes, $2.00 manicures could keep me in Asia for a looooong time.

P.S. Stay tuned for an even better reason for hangin’ out in Asia – a recap (w/ some mighty luscious pics) of my recent birthday holiday on Phu Quac Island.


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Off-the-beaten-path travel is my passion,and I’ve always lived life “like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store” – eager to sample as many flavors as I can. Indeed, my life motto has long been: This ain’t a dress rehearsal, folks!

8 Responses to Just when I think that I can’t take it another minute!

  1. TravelnLass says:

    @Sonny – getting to Phu Quoc? Well you could take a bus and ferry I suppose, but as I said in my recent “Birthday in Paradise” post (http://www.travelnlass.com/2012/03/diary-of-birthday-in-paradise-aka-phu.html) – I opted to fly ‘cuz it’s just $100 rt.

    And Tuy Hoa? Sounds like my cup of tea! And it’s not too far from Dalat – where I hope to settle later this year. Thanks for the tip.

  2. TravelnLass says:

    @Carolyn – I HEAR ya! Ironically, before I moved to Asia, I’d never had a professional manicure (only a single pedicure once, nudged by a dear “girly” chum, when I was taking a cruise (another “first”) down the Nile in Egypt.

    But now that I’m in Asia, where they’ve verily elevated the manicure to an ART FORM (not to mention for but a pittance of the cost in the U.S.) I mean… why NOT?

    In short: Need a manicure? Hop on over here, my dear – and I’ll personally pay for it for you! 😉

  3. Carolyn says:

    I so desperately need a manicure.

  4. Sonny says:

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Wow, I didn’t realize that your schedule was that open! Just curious, how does one travel to Phu Quac Island? Bus and boat or plane?

    You should check out Tuy Hoa in the Phu Yen province. I’m a little bias about the area since I was born there, but it’s a great hidden vacation spot. Right next to the beach, minus the huge crowds of tourist that usually causes prices to sky rocket.

  5. TravelnLass says:

    @Paul – ah yes, my miraculous FTF in Ha Long Bay back in November. Yup, time flies when you’re… dodging a gazilliion motorbikes whilst crossing the street. 😉

    But seriously. Note that I recently found 2 caches on Phu Quac Island, and 2 of the 3 here in Saigon. Looks like I’m nearly fresh out of caches to find – guess it might be time to move on to… Dalat where I can settle down and hide some of my own.

    (But first I might have to do a little detour to – Mongolia, but that’s another story…)

    Meanwhile, I’ve tried to comment on your “Feeding Squirrels” blog (to offer you a high-five on dumping your stupid boss) but… alas WordPress seems to think I (my email addy) has an account there (which I don’t) so won’t let me comment. Grrrrrr!

  6. Paul says:

    I think you’re confused by the time zone difference, or something. No way has it been 5 months. It seems like 5 days since you scored that FTF out on that island.

  7. TravelnLass says:

    @Sonny – that’s just it, the beauty of it is I only teach part time, just 12 hrs. per week, three 2-hr. classes on Saturday, and ditto on Sunday.

    So…. that leaves me w/ 5 full days free each week (well o.k. but for a bit of lesson planning). Indeed, stay tuned for my recent 5 day get-away to Phu Quac island.

    Meanwhile, welcome to TravelnLass! And congratulations on your own brand-spankin’ new “Lazy Medicine” blog!

  8. Sonny says:

    I just discovered your blog and I’m having a great time reading about your stay in Vietnam. The longest I ever stayed was for a month, so hearing that you have reached 5 months is crazy. I know that the teaching position is full time, but does it enough holidays built in for you to visit other cities?

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